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5kW Backup System with a 48V Lithium Battery


3kW Backup System Includes: Trolley, Inverter, Battery and Cabinet.

Inverter Rated Power: 5000W
Battery Voltage(DC): 48V
Nominal Voltage: 220/230VAC
Voltage Range: 154-264VAC ±3
Frequency: 50/60Hz±5%
Output Voltage(AC): The output voltage under AC is the same as the input voltage
Output Voltage(DC): 220VAC±3%
Battery Model: B484801
Nominal Voltage [V]: 48.0
Nominal Capacity [Ah]: 100
Total Energy [Wh]: 4800
Dimension (W*D*H, mm): 442*400*130.5
Weight [Kg]: 40.0
Max. Charging Current [A]: 100
Recommended Charging Current [A]: 50