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Firman 48V Solar Battery


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Model B484801
Nominal Voltage [V] 48.0
Nominal Capacity [Ah] 100
Total Energy [Wh] 4800
Dimension (W*D*H, mm) 442*400*130.5
Weight [Kg] 40.0
Max. Charging Current [A] 100
Recommended Charging Current [A] 50
Max. Discharging Current [A] 100
Pulse Discharge Current 150A @2S
Charging Voltage [V] 52.5~54.0
End of Dicharge Voltage [V] 42.0 (Backup Application)
45 (Cycle Application)
Internal Resistance [mO] <10
Operation Humidity 0~95% RH (No condensing)
Operating Temperature Range Standard Product: Charge: 0~+55°C;
Discharge: -20~+55°C
With Optional Heater:
Charge / Discharge: -20~+55°C
Cycle Life (1) >6000, 0.5C, 80%DOD,70%EOL
Communication interface RS485, CAN
Protection Over voltage, Low voltage,
Over current, Over Temperature,
Low Temperature, Short circuit
Parallel Support Yes, Max. 15 Sets